• Q. What is SignTime?

    A. SignTime is a web application that provides e-signature services. You can send documents for signing, manage documents, create re-usable contract templates and more all without using any paper or hanko.

    By uploading a contract or other document to SignTime and requesting a signature, an email will be sent to the signer. The signer can access and sign the documents by clicking the link in the email.
    ※We do not currently have a legal check function for the content of contracts. Please upload a contract that has been agreed upon by the parties in advance.

  • Q. Does the signer also need to register for SignTime?

    A. The signer does not need to register an account

    People who are not registered with SignTime can be added as signers. The signer can access and sign the documents from the link in the email from SignTime.

  • Q. I am thinking of registering for a free trial. Will the documents in the app be deleted after the free trial is over?

    A. You can log in and view documents even after the free trial is over.

    After the free trial period ends, you can still log in to SignTime and view your documents. However, you will not be able to send or create template unless you sign up for a paid plan.

  • Q. Can multiple members of my company use the app?

    A. Any number of people can use the app.
    However, the fee may change depending on the plan, so please check the plan page for details.

    - Premium Plan: Unlimited number of users.
    - Standard Plan/Entry Plan: 1 or more people can apply, and additions will be made in increments of 1 person.
    ※If you wish to use customization or API integration, please contact us for details in the Enterprise Plan.

  • Q. Is it possible to integrate it with other systems?

    A. Yes, we can discuss this in the Enterprise Plan.

    Our team can customize SignTime for your company and integrate it with other systems. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this with us.

  • Q. What file formats can be uploaded?

    A. PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, text file can all be uploaded.

    With SignTime, you can upload PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, and text files without converting the file format to PDF.

  • Q. Will there be a record of the signer's signature?

    A. Yes, there will be a record.

    The signed documents will be displayed on your screen as history and activity.
    Signed documents are safely stored in the cloud and can be viewed and downloaded any time.

  • Q. Please tell me about SignTime's security measures.

    A. SignTime's data communication and files are always encrypted to prevent information leakage, tampering, and unauthorized access.

    SignTime's data communication is encrypted with SSL/TLS, and uploaded files are encrypted with AES-256.

  • Q. Does SignTime support languages other than Japanese?

    A. Japanese and English are available.

    SignTime is made in both Japanese and English, perfect for transactions with overseas signers.

  • Q. Is phone support available?

    A. Phone support is available depending on your subscription plan.

    - Premium Plan: Weekdays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (phone support isn't included during the free trial period)
    ※There is no phone support for the Entry Plan and Standard Plan.

  •  Please contact us for more questions.