• The easiest way to send documents for e-signature

    Build, Send and Sign in about a minute!

  • What is SignTime?

    SignTime is web application that provides e-signature services. This involves sending documents for signatures, managing documents, creating re-usable contract templates and other online elements that are critical to running a business.

  • Our Features


    Document Design Tool

    Send, sign & succeed


    SignTime's goal is to provide the easiest and fastest e-signature experience anywhere!

    Simply upload an existing document, drag and drop the field that the document needs, and presto! You're ready to send.




    Handwritten E-signatures

    Give you the same feeling as paper contracts


    SignTime's proprietary, wet-ink-like signature tool enables mouse and touchscreen signers to produce a final document that looks as if it were signed with pen and paper...and for those of you in Japan we will have Hanko generation and uploads as well!

    The tracking algorithm records data unique to the mouse movements of each signer, thus strengthening authentication and legal compliance.




    Contract Lifecycle Management

    Automate agreement workflows and archive systems


    Stay on top of business processes, send reminders to recipients to ensure business-critical documents get signed and not forgotten!


    With SignTime's detailed reporting and signature tracking, track performance statistics, close rates and other business-critical information to drive digital transformation and improve corporate profits.




    Multiple Organizations and User Roles

    A signature solution for venture capitalists & private equity


    SignTime also understands that not everyone operates in a single person/single organization hierarchy. Our e-signature solution is designed to accommodate multiple entities and organizations.

    SignTime understands as well that different roles have different needs. For example the head of legal might be the only person who can load new templates, while a salesperson would be the right person to send a contract for e-signature to a customer.



    Supported in English and Japanese

    SignTime is a global offering, started in Japan


    The SignTime service is a global offering with Japanese roots. Our goal is to make it as easy to sign a contract internationally as if you were in the same room. Right now, we support Japanese and English, with more languages coming soon!

  • How it works

    1. Upload a document or choose from templates

    2. Drag & Drop signature, date etc.

    3. Send for Signature

    4. Signed and confirmed in seconds!

    5. Contracts are locked and time stamped with an audit trail

  • Is SignTime Secure?

    • All communication is encrypted via SSL/TLS(256bit).

    • The uploaded files are stored in encrypted at rest via AES-256 to prevent third party access.

    • The data is automatically backed up and saved, so there is no risk of data loss.

    • SignTime's security team has multiple global security certifications such as CISSP and CREST CRT.

  • Choose Your Plan

    Pick a plan that best fits your business.


    User based pricing  


    Simple and easy to use for freelance contracting and other types of individual services.    




    Each User has 50 documents/year
    • Template Funtionality
    • Word, Excel, PDF, JPG
    • Web Based Support
    • Document Access Code


    User based pricing


    Allows for sending, signing and saving documents, as well as internal approvals by management.




    Each User has 100 documents/year
    All features of Entry
    • Signer Sequencing
    • Manager Approval mode*
    • Folder Functionality*
    *-Under Development


    Unlimited Users  


    Targeted for the entire company, with unlimited users included by default, getting the entire organization on-board ASAP!


    Each Organization has 300 documents/year
    All features of Standard
    • Phone based Support (Business Hours)


    Unlimited Users 


    All of the features in our premium plan, plus additional API development as integrations.     




    Documents depending upon needs
    All features of Premium
    • Custom API Development
    • Third Party Intergrations
    • 24/7/365 Support (Negotiable)
  • Seeing(Using) is believing!


    Seeing, or in this case, using is believing. While we’re thrilled that many of our customers are ready to sign up for our services right away, we give a 30-day free trial to all our customers so that you can use our service with peace of mind that it's right for your business. The free trial doesn't require any payment information. All you need is your name and an email address to get started!

  • We’re constantly evolving.


    SignTime was officially released on March 23, 2021, after about a year in development and 6 months in beta. We're constantly improving our technology and service - and listen to our customer feedback and requests.

    Try SignTime and let us know your thoughts too. We try to get better each and every day!

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