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    【Company Name】
    SignTime K.K.

    サインタイム株式会社(In Japanese)



    September 29, 2020


    1-6-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041


    【Business Details】
    Developing and operating digital contract service SignTime


    【Our Team】
    Chief Executive Officer Jim Weisser
    Co-founder Jonathan Siegel

    Executive Officer Yusuke Sakayanagi

  • Chief Executive Officer - Jim Weisser


    A serial entrepreneur/angel investor. Jim has founded a number of companies and has lived in Japan since 1993 and is a big fan of Umeboshi! A graduate of Rice University with a BS in Chemical Engineering, he went on to found PBXL Corporation, which provided cloud PBX services and was later acquired by Cisco Systems LLC (f.k.a. BroadSoft, Inc.) in 2015. Jim was also involved in various business planning and development activities as Director of Cloud Calling Business at Cisco Systems.
    His stories and advice about starting a new business were featured in the book "The Quiet Comeback Vol.2" and is currently a co-chair of the ACCJ DX (Digital Transformation) committee and a judge in the Asian Entrepreneur Awards.
    Jim is co-founder of SignTime K.K. and became CEO in September 2020.

    Major Achievements
    Founded PBXL Corporation -
    Started PBXL Corporation with self-funding and provided cloud PBX services mainly in Asia. Started one of Japan's first "Cloud Communication" services, and was the first to use the BroadSoft Platform and acquired by BroadSoft in 2015.
    Area Manager, Cloud Calling Business Division, Cisco Systems (and former General Manager, BroadCloud Japan)
    After Corporation was acquired by Broadsoft, he continued to develop and operate SaaS businesses with features such as Cloud PBX, Video, Chat & Message, and Presence provided by PBXL Corporation. Major clients included NTT communications, Fujitsu, KDDI. After BroadSoft was acquired by Cisco Systems he was involved in various business planning and development activities as Director of Cloud Calling Business.
    A member of ACCJ for 24 years, now a co-chair of the DX committee
    Has done many other roles at ACCJ
    ・Governor (January 2008 - February 2010) 
    ・Vice president (January 2011 - December 2014) 
    ・Chair of the Business and Finance Advisory Committee(2011, 2014) 
    ・Chair of the Communications Advisory Committee(2012 - 2013)

  • Co-founder - Jonathan Siegel  


    CEO of Xenon Partners.
    Jonathan has a range of licenses including an MBA, a home health certificate, a helicopter license etc., and holds a patent related to digital signatures in the U.S.
    His book "The San Francisco Fallacy - 10 Superstitions That Kill Entrepreneurs," has been translated into Japanese and Takafumi Horie made comments on the Japanese version. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded companies in the field of e-commerce, cloud services, and digital signatures.
    He co-founded SignTime K.K. in September 2020.  

    Major achievements
    Founded RightCart.com (May 2006 - July 2007)
    Developed and provided a shopping cart service used for websites and was acquired by Buy.com in 2007
    Founded RightScale (October 2006 - October 2018)
    A multi-cloud management provider and provided a management platform for Amazon's web services, acquired by Flexera Software.
    Founded RightSignature (June 2008 - October 2014)
    A digital signature service which won an award at the VentureNet Conference in Southern California, and was acquired by Citrix Systems in 2014.
    Has four patents as below.

  • Executive Officer - Yusuke Sakayanagi


    Yusuke oversees SignTime's product planning and business strategy in Japan.

    In his previous position at NTT DOCOMO Inc., Yusuke was in charge of headquarters strategy for the Smart Life Business Division and was engaged in medium-term headquarters strategy and 5G service strategy. Prior to that, he was involved in various business planning at NIFTY Corporation (now Fujitsu Cloud Technologies Limited) and corporate sales manager at Sony Biz Networks Inc.


    Yusuke became the executive officer of SignTime K.K. in January 2021.

  • Advisor - Koichi Komoda


    Koichi graduated from Columbia University and worked in the investment and banking industry for 27 years, including at Deutsche Bank(via Bankers Trust) and JP Morgan Chase Bank(via Jardine Fleming).

    With 30+ years of capital markets experience in Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, Koichi been an advisor and a consultant to numerous companies and has worked in emerging markets including project finance and aircraft finance. He is currently a statutory auditor at the Tokyo American Club.


    Koichi became an advisor to SignTime K.K. in January 2021.

  • Working at SignTime

    Premium Remote Work

    Enjoy the best remote work environment


    Since SignTime generally works remotely, we believe it's important to have high-quality tools for our team members.

    We provide all the necessary laptops, displays, and other IT tools to helo our members work in a manner that is at least as effective as being in the office together.

    Hyper Flextime

    Freedom of time, place and country


    At SignTime, members can work anywhere, anytime they want. Our team members live in different countries such as Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia, and we work on projects with the time difference in mind. We're not bound by the concept of time and respect the style that allows our members to work to the best of their ability


    Family comes first


    At SignTime, we understand what having a family is like. In addition to embracing remote work and hyper flextime, we also consider the working hours and work content that fits the lifestyle of each member and their family's lives. We understand that some things can wait and some can't!